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I have been having really, REALLY weird dreams as of late, and last night, I dreamt that my mom and I were shopping (naked, natch, well not totally; I was wearing a scarf and my mom was wearing a cape because why not) for a baby shower gift that was for a severely disliked relative who was going to name her baby girl Latrine. When a mall cop came up to ask us to leave (I could read his thoughts - apparently a young mother complained about our nakedness), I woke up. 


Dying right now.

My father had a feud with a mockingbird that lived out in the giant tree in our front yard. Like seriously, this thing went on for YEARS. She’d dive bomb him every single day when he’d go get the paper and/or mail, and several times, he’d spray her with our water hose. She died several years ago and I think my dad actually kind of misses battling her. 

A leaf floated by one of our downstairs windows and seemingly stopped right in front of it, bobbing in the wind like it was saying, “Hello!” Seeing the obviously terrifying leaf, Kitkat growled and ran at the window, and Zola barked ferociously, although backing up because leaves are scary. When the leaf went along its merry way, I think I was the only one who realized that something had just happened, because Kitkat and Zola just laid back down and closed their eyes. 

To Xbox or not to Xbox …

I’m actually struggling with this decision to renew my Live account - which, I know, serious problems - because I want to continue to play ME3 multiplayer (I’m getting REALLY good), but I’m planning on getting a PS4 at some point in the next couple of months, and online access is free? Sigh. I am actually really thankful, considering the last few months, that I am having this problem instead of a host of others. 

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